Bringing personalized medicine to reproductive health

The world’s first multigene panel test for

a woman's reproductive health and fertility

The Fertilome test reveals genetic factors that are associated with some of the most common reproductive conditions in women.

Defining a new category of genetic tests

Unlike carrier screening tests, which look at the health risks for a baby, the Fertilome test reveals genetic risk factors related to reproductive conditions that may affect a woman's ability to conceive.

How the Fertilome test can work for you

By revealing genetic risk factors, the Fertilome test enables more refined diagnoses and treatment decisions than physical examinations or existing diagnostic tests alone. Using the genetic test can help you frame conversations around reproductive health and family building as a proactive journey.

Identify subclinical factors

Refine treatment plans

Counsel women with family history

Counsel egg freezing candidates

Guide targeted lifestyle counseling

Best-in-class science and standards

In a blinded reproducibility validation study, the Fertilome test achieved a 99.6% accuracy in detecting genetic variants on the panel associated with some of the most common women's reproductive conditions.

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